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If you are ready to plan your happily ever after, you need the perfect Dallas Wedding Venue to make your day beautiful.

THE SPRINGS Events’ rustic, elegant Dallas wedding venue and reception hall near Fort Worth presents a picturesque background to your special day and the perfect place to begin your lives together.

With a full day rental and wide open spaces to plan your wedding and reception, THE SPRINGS Events gives you everything you need to make your day wonderful.

Whether you are imagining a small, private ceremony with your closest family and friends, or you are looking for a spectacular party so you can invite everyone you know to celebrate with you, you’ll find everything you are looking for at THE SPRINGS Events.

Finding a gorgeous setting with all of the amenities you need is the first step in planning a picture-perfect wedding day.

Brides and grooms alike love THE SPRINGS Events wedding venue for its pristine architecture, rustic setting, comfortable amenities and open space.

Sprawling green lawns give you plenty of room to mingle with guests and plan every ceremony and tradition you envision, while the towering trees and stonework provide the perfect frame.

Carefully planned gardens and bushes line the stone walkways, arching wooden bridges, quaint gazebos and a collection of other exceptional features. Walk with your wedding party across the grounds taking candid pictures and enjoying the scenery as you prepare for your most special day.

THE SPRINGS Events is unlike other wedding venues.


With a spacious and exquisitely designed reception hall surrounded by acres of gorgeous Texas hill country, you can plan an indoor or outdoor ceremony or wedding reception. While churches and reception halls give you two separate locations to carry out your events, adding more organizational procedures and more complications to your day, you can plan all your festivities right at THE SPRINGS Events.

Start with a day of photography and arrive with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, friends and, of course, your sweetheart, to snap dozens of unique and authentic pictures across the landscape.

  • Take a romantic stroll over the stone-paved pathways, through the forest and across the fairy-tale bridge to capture every scene that catches your eye.
  • Join your wedding party on the bridge and get a stunning picture with everyone in it, or line up under the gazebo with the bride and groom in the center.
  • You can continue taking pictures throughout the day and evening, with a perfect backdrop for each candid moment.
  • Enjoy a first romantic kiss as a married couple under the trees in the Texas sun or take your wedding inside the new stone and wood finished reception hall.
  • Make a fabulous entrance and capture the moment on the winding staircase or snap a picture in front of the dramatic arched doors to show you and your spouse are entering an exciting new stage of your lives together.

The reception hall is majestically constructed and augmented with useful amenities that you can use to make your party complete.

Our Dallas Wedding Venue allows for you to enjoy a private dressing room, one each for the bride and groom, where you can get ready and shake out your nerves. Let your bridesmaids or family make any finishing touches and help with any last-minute touch-ups.

Join your groomsmen for a toast and get the support of all your friends before the big moment. With a wide open hall complete with a dance floor and plenty of space for a live band or DJ, you and your friends and family can celebrate in style after the ceremony.

Weatherford wedding venue

With a sound system and speakers inside and outside, everyone will be able to hear music and announcements throughout the evening. The reception hall is a blank canvas of rich stone and polished wood, allowing you to add any decorations or colors to match your wedding theme.

The Springs Events helpful staff is happy to help you with anything you need.

You can choose your own vendors, including food, music, entertainment, decorations and more, or you can take a look at the helpful list of vendors that regularly attend to weddings at the Springs Events locations. The Springs Events provides a seating chart to make seating arrangements easy and fun, as well as a step-by-step checklist you can use as you plan.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and exciting, and our staff does everything we can to assist you.

We provide white chairs for an outdoor ceremony, tables and indoor chairs for the reception or indoor ceremony, reservations of the wedding venue for the entire day and even previous day planning if other reservations have not been made.

When your ceremony is complete and your party is over, leave the clean-up to us. We’ll take care of the chairs, tables and left-over party items so you and your spouse can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon right away and your friends and family can enjoy a terrific party.

Contact the Springs Events today to take a tour and start planning your beautiful wedding day.